Trapped By A Dream: When Fates Collide by Leola Butler

Trapped By A Dream: When Fates Collide

A true account taken from the journals of Boots Butler
by Leola Butler

Living a life quite apart from the ordinary, Boots Butler kept a journal by his side since he was just a boy. In it were factual—and sometimes intense—details of his monumental experiences from the years he spent in the military, government service, and beyond. In this book, his wife takes one unique account among his many daring exploits and shares it to readers.

Some of Boots’ greatest success stories have been while he worked under “Somewhere Out There,” a non-profit organization that specializes in the recovery of missing, kidnapped, and exploited children. InTrapped By A Dream: When Fates Collide, Boots’ collective abilities as head investigator and team leader are put to the test as he and an extraordinary group of comrades extract a prisoner – a young Russian girl, trapped by her dream.

Told in narrative form from Boots’ perspective, Trapped By A Dream: When Fates Collide is an honest, touching account of life, hope, and victory.

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